If you were to choose three words that best describe the type of life you’re currently living, what would they be? If you were to choose three words that best describe the type of life you want to be living, would they be the same words or different?

My name is Annie Gibbins and my three words are Purpose, Passion and Power.

I love partnering with people on their journey towards personal and professional growth. In our fast-paced world, growth and development cannot be left to chance – we need to be intentional. And that’s where I come into the picture – as a coach and mentor, passionate about seeing you step powerfully into your purpose!

As a CEO with a husband, five children plus pets, I can totally relate to the daily challenge of living life meaningfully. When I first started out, I wish I’d had people who were ahead of me in the journey who could offer wisdom and tips from their own experience. As time went on, I was fortunate enough to meet such people and the impact and benefits were astounding.

This is why I have created anniegibbins.com – your access point to all my online resources and courses, all designed with you in mind! Check out the range of customised ways that we can explore areas such as Positive Growth Mindset, Work-Life Balance, Public Speaking and Decision Making, plus so much more!

As a Business and Life Transformation Specialist, Annie helps professional women say goodbye to feeling stuck and overwhelmed and hello to gaining clarity, simplicity and focus. Her MAGIC tribe clients achieve this through her tried and tested methodology which quickly turns dreams and goals into reality.

Annie will teach you the mindset, habits, and tools necessary to fulfil your highest potential, power, and purpose. Why? so you can experience the freedom and confidence you need to build a career and life you love. This free content is aimed to inspire, motivate, and teach you glimpses she has used to build a wildly successful life and business. Now is your time to thrive.

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Let’s do life and business… together.

– Annie Gibbins

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