Yoga – Body, Mind and Spirit

At first glance, yoga might seem like an acrobatic way to bend yourself into as many pretzel shapes as possible.

But yoga is actually a millennia-old system of bringing health to your body, mind, and spirit.

It can be done by any person of any age, shape, and size.

Here are the basics of yoga!

The History of Yoga

Yoga’s provable roots trace back at least 5,000 years to Northern India. Over those 5,000 years, countless practitioners have refined, modified, tweaked, and honed the poses and activities. During that time yoga has been performed by injured war veterans, busy mothers, medically impaired elderly, young children and many other facets of society.

While modern photos imply that yoga is only designed for slender, young white women, nothing is further from the truth. The entire purpose of yoga is that it works for every single body. Every single human being can benefit from its offerings.

The Basics of Yoga

At a basic level, yoga is about moving in and out of poses in ways which help the body become healthier. Imagine you wanted to run a marathon. You wouldn’t just sit on a couch for a year and then walk up to the starting line expecting to do well. In this case, the ‘marathon’ is your daily life. We all face activities, tasks and chores during our normal daily life. The healthier we can make our body, the more our body can navigate those activities and actions well. If we neglect our bodies, we increase the likelihood of poor balance, low energy, injuries and illnesses.

We need to nurture and tend to our body. This is the one and only body we are granted, to last us our entire lives.

Over thousands-of-years, Yoga has figured out exactly what kinds of gentle twists and soft pressures best help the human body do its normal range of activities. Higher levels of yoga can help ballerinas, runners, soccer players, and football players maintain the exquisite levels of strength, balance, and flexibility they need to thrive.

But yoga wasn’t developed just for them. Yoga was developed so that every person can achieve their optimal health and energy levels. It’s so a busy mother has the strong, calm energy she needs to thrive throughout her hectic day. It’s so a stressed employee can find that powerful core balance to breeze through whatever challenges life throws in the way.

Start with the most basic poses of yoga. Take just ten minutes each day to incorporate them into your routine. You’ll be impressed with the benefits in how your body feels, how your mind flows, and how your spirit rises.

Do you think Yoga could enhance your life?

Annie xo

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