Let’s do business and life together!

You may know me as that high energy CEO who grew her crazy busy life and career in the midst of parenting 5 kids (including 2 sets of twins), completing university degrees, adventuring and loving her husband, family, friends and pets.


Focussing on three foundational words enables me to shine in my circumstances and put my best foot forward in all situations.

– Purpose

– Passion

– Power


I am the founder of Lipstick Consulting, which enables me to inspire, empower, equip and support a diverse range of people around the world to dream and achieve big, bold goals through my speaking presentations, courses and personal mentoring.


I’m all about having a positive mindset and being authentic throughout life’s roller coaster ride of challenges and opportunities.


I look forward to sharing my lifelong learnings with YOU!


Annie xo

What are you waiting for?

Start valuing your Self-Care

body, mind and spirit

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Explore why Mindset Matters

you are what you think

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A driving force of my purpose is to passionately share my life learnings with individuals and businesses who seek to thrive in their circumstances.


All courses include online learning videos, workbooks, live webinars and access to a private Facebook group.


All modules are untimed and therefore offer a flexible and convenient way to learn and grow in the midst of your busy schedule and time availability.


I look forward to welcoming you into my Transformation Hub when you book a course and join my online learning community.

Transform your life

The ultimate mindset breakthrough


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Breaking life long patterns

Removing barriers which hold you back


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Self care mastery

Mindfulness to enrich the mind, body and soul


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