Annie is an internationally recognised CEO, Thought Leader, Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host, #1 Best Selling Author and Founder.


She is also wife, mother, grandmother, adventurer, fundraiser, storyteller, friend, cheer leader and heart warrior!


Annie’s academic and professional accolades over the past 30 years include growing and transforming health and education businesses across Australasia, a Master of Education, a Bachelor of Nursing, Lean Six Sigma, Cert. III Fitness and a MAICD. All this has been achieved simultaneously with her career, as a mother of two sets of twins plus one (2+2+1 = 5). The numbers stack up!


Her experience in pushing personal and professional boundaries, innovative thinking, maximising synergistic opportunities and producing results that matter all come together as


Whether leading in the board room, speaking at a conference or scaling a mountain top, Annie’s commitment as a mentor and coach is to RAISE THE BAR OF WHAT IS TRULY POSSIBLE.


Annie helps business women achieve success, balance and happiness by calling out limiting beliefs, clarifying purpose and constructing strong business practices to grow and succeed.


Annie’s point of difference is her tried and tested MAGIC transformation framework and clearly defined methodology which quickly turns dreams and goals into reality.


Her passionate mantra is Magic is Achieved when Goals are Intentional and Clear.


Annie’s online programs, workshops and keynotes are designed to enable busy professionals to experience the power, freedom and confidence they need to build a business and life they love.


When you engage Annie, you access decades of experience, knowledge and wisdom with proven business and life growth strategies.

  • C-suite expertise forged across Health, Education, Corporate, NFP and Charity sectors.
  • Author of 4 books, 25 ebooks, 6 online courses and featured in numerous publications and media including Podcast One, 1Habit Leadership Book, Mo2vate Magazine, Unsung Business Heroes Book, Becoming Annie the Biography of Curious Woman, Standing in Strength.
  • Host of Podcast ‘Memoirs of Successful women’


Annie motivates audiences and individual clients through keynote speaking and online courses, teaching how to thrive in current circumstances while shifting fear, self-doubt and significant challenge. Annie is fully engaged in intentional living, committed to making a positive impact in the lives of people within her reach.

– Frances Dawe, Digital Brand Strategist


 Let’s go on the journey together!

My Purpose

Raise the bar of what is truly possible


My purpose is to mentor and coach you at any stage of your journey towards living a life that matters. This means managing change and everybody needs a friend and guide along this journey.

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